Twitter has just rolled out an update to its mobile apps for iOS, Android, and the mobile web.

The new apps bring us Twitter users “a single stream of content in each tab,” writes Twitter product management director Esteban Kozak today on the Twitter blog.

The update also includes overall bug fixes and a new way to view links from within the service.

The new versions of the apps gives Twitter on mobile a better interface for the Discover and Search features.

Now, the Discover tab will show a single stream of all content types, including tweets, trends, suggested accounts, and activity. “You can also dive into Activity and Trends from new previews at the top of the Discover tab,” Kozak wrote.

The one-stream-for-all-content approach also carries over to search, which now shows photos, users, and accounts in a single stream. And remember, Twitter content is now being sorted in real time by Mechanical Turk human employees, not just servers and databases — a move Twitter promises will make finding content on its service better and better over time.

In minor tweaks, links now open immediately in your mobile browser when you click them; previously, they expand in Twitter and would require a second tap to actually open the link. Also, the Connect tab will now open to Interactions by default rather than Mentions.

All this comes on the heels of a U.I. upgrade to the Twitter web app just a week ago; that refresh brought bigger photos and a new conversation-threading style to the app.

Top image via Flickr