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Ouya, GameStick, and Wikipad are all headed to retail this spring, and they’re all attempting to breakout as Android-powered consoles or portables. According to Green Throttle Games, if you already own an Android smartphone or tablet, then you already have an Android gaming console.

Now, the company wants to make it as easy as possible for developers to add controller support to their Android games. The company announced today that it released plug-ins for game-development platforms like Marmalade, Corona SDK, and Unity.

Green Throttle’s primary product is the Atlas controller. It works with all Android devices like a console joystick and comes with the correct cords to hook an Android smartphone or tablet to a television. Green Throttle even has its own curated app store, which features controller-optimized games.

“By integrating our software development kit and building in support for Green Throttle’s controllers, developers now have the opportunity to breathe new life into their existing games with the introduction of Atlas controllers,” Green Throttle Games head of developer relations Stacey Hirata said in a statement. “In addition, developers have the ability to break through the clutter with the spotlight of the Arena app and the improved app discovery. New, innovative games can be built from the ground up to fully enable multiple controllers and the 10-foot experience.”

Many Android games already support controllers, but this development will make it easier for any Unity or Corona-based game that doesn’t.

The Atlas is available to purchase now, but it’s still in its developer beta.