Yammer confirmed today that it is laying off some of its marketing and sales staff, seven months after the company was acquired by Microsoft.

Yammer provides a software as a service product that businesses use to collaborate inside their own social network. The collaboration tool was snapped up by Microsoft in July, though the parent company has kept the technology to continue running instead of shutting it down and absorbing Yammer’s employees.

“We can confirm that Yammer eliminated a small number of sales and marketing positions. Each of our businesses continually assesses and reallocates resources to align with their priorities,” said a spokesperson in a statement emailed to VentureBeat. “Yammer has continued to grow rapidly since becoming part of the Microsoft Office Division.”

The company, which recently opened a new office to house its employees, is likely just trimming off the extra fat after its acquisition. Microsoft already has large sales force, and it can likely handle adding Yammer to its stable of products to push. And Microsoft certainly can support any new marketing efforts.

It also sounds like the company is continuing to hire in its other departments, which means we’re likely not seeing a decline in the value of the product.

hat tip TechCrunch; Yammer image via Robert Scoble/Flickr