With blizzard Nemo bearing down on the East Coast, Mother Nature is showing once again that consumer technology is on her hit list.

Topping that list is Microsoft, which intended to show off the Surface Pro at a launch event in New York City today. Mother Nature, however, had other plans.

“Surface Pro launch activities in NYC have been cancelled due to weather; our best wishes for everyone impacted by the blizzard,” Microsoft said in a statement.

A similar fate befell Google in October, when Superstorm Sandy forced the company to cancel the press event for its Nexus 10 tablet and Nexus 4 smartphone.

So, does Mother Nature have it in for the gadget companies of the world? Probably not. But both the Google and Microsoft event do have something else in common — New York City. As the biggest city in the world, New York is an obvious target for big product unveilings, but it’s clearly also a target for rather inconvenient storms.

Perhaps Microsoft and Google should learn from Apple and host all their big events in California, far from the cold, damp mess known as the East Coast. They’d certainly have to cancel fewer events that way.