51. Outplay — After its Word Trick social mobile game takes off, Outplay raises $4 million. Investors: Pentech and Scottish Investment Bank. Nov. 16.

52. Playdemic — Playdemic takes $4 million to launch more cross-platform games like its successful Gourmet Ranch title. Investors: Family of IBM founder Thomas Watson. Aug. 21.

53. Applifier — Hoping to get more games discovered, Applifier raises $4 million as it launches its Everplay (pictured right) game replay service on mobile. Investors: Lifeline Ventures, MHS Capital, and PROFounders. Dec. 12.

54. Recce — Recce nabs $4 million M for interactive map gaming platform Investor: New Enterprise Associates. July 13.

55. Obsidian — Obsidian raises $3.9 million via crowdfunding on Kickstarter for Project Eternity title. Investors: More than 73,986 fans on Kickstarter. Oct. 16.

56. Playnery — South Korea’s Playnery grabs $3.7 million for social mobile games. Investors: SoftBank Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, and Stonebridge Capital. Nov. 12.

57. Quipper — Quipper gets $3.6 million for e-learning games. Investors: Globis, Atomico, and Benesse. May 29.

pixykids58. Iddiction — Headed by former Outfit7 chief Andrej Nabergoj, Iddiction raises $3.5 million for its App-o-day game discovery site.

59. LuckyLabs — LuckyLabs raises $3.5 million for Boston game studio. Investors: Atlas Ventures, Jeff Robinov, and Jerry Colonna.609.

60. Playdek — Playdek raises $3.41 million for digital tabletop games. Investor: Greycroft Partners. (No date available).

61. Double Fine Productions — Tim Schafer’s zany antics enabled him to draw a ton of attention to his Kickstarter project and raise $3.3 million for Double Fine’s next adventure game. Investors: Kickstarter fans. March 13.

62. Tap.me — Tap.me lands $3.2 million for in-game mobile ad network. Investors: Hyde Park Ventures, I2A Fund, Western Technology Investment, Great Oaks Venture Capital, FireStarter Fund, and Hyde Park Angels. March 12.

63. MunkyFun — MunkyFun raises $3.1 million for high-end mobile games. Investors: unnamed. Nov. 20.

64. Preplay —  Preplay scores $3.1 millon for raises $3.1 million for games that let players predict the outcome of live TV shows. Investors: Gary Vaynerchuk,  Matt Higgins, and other angels. July 10.

65. PixyKids gets $3 million for social media platform for kids. Investors: ATA Ventures and others. March 15.

66. Xfire — Xfire raises $3 million for gamer social network. Investor: IDG Capital. May 21.

67. inXile Entertainment — Brian Fargo’s inXile Entertainment raises $2.9 million for Wasteland 2 on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. April 17.

68. Plumbee — Plumbee raises $2.8 million for social casino games. Investor: Idinvest Partners. March 22.

69. Flaregames — Started by Gameforge founder Klaas Kersting, Flaregames raises $2.63 million for social and mobile games. Investor: Accel Partners. April 4.

70. Jawfish Games — Jawfish Games raises $2.6  million for online gaming tournament platform. Investor: Founders Fund. July 23.

71. Adicttiz — France’s Adictiz raises $2.54 million for web and mobile games. Investor: Omnes Capital. Nov. 13.

72. Artillery — Artillery raises $2.5 million to make high-end browser-based games. Investors: First Round Capital, Signia Ventures, Chris Sacca’s Lowercase Capital, General Catalyst, Andreessen Horowitz, longtime former Googler Ben Ling, Greylock’s Ali Rosenthal, Bubba Murarka, Tim Ferriss, Crunchfund, and Kevin Colleran. Aug. 3.

73. MS Paint Adventures — Andrew Hussie’s comic-style Homestuck Adventure game raises $2.4 million on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Oct. 4.

74. Oculus VR — Oculus VR is bringing back virtual reality with its Oculus Rift googles. The company raises $2.4 million on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Sept. 1.

75. Frontier Developments — Frontier Developments raises $2.4 million for Elite Dangerous game on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Jan. 4.

76. Uber Entertainment — Uber Entertainment gets $2.2 million for Planetary Annihilation game on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. Sept. 4.

77. Wedgebuster — Wedgebuster raises $2.2 million for sports mobile games. Investors: 37 Technology Ventures, Park Lane, Drew Brees, Rob Dyrdek and others. Sept. 25.

78. Fight My Monster — Fight My Monster raises $2.1 million fro free-to-play trading card games. Greycroft Partners,  eVenture Capital Partners, and angels. Feb. 16.

scalify79. Koolbit — Koolbit scores $2 million for social casino games.

80. Seismic games — Seismic Games raises $2 million for next-generation social games. Investors: DFJ Frontier and venture capitalist Tom Matlack. Jan. 4.

81. Scalify — Australia’s Scalify raises $2 million to improve networking performance in online game worlds. Investor: Starfish Ventures. May 6.

82. Grand Cru — Helsinki’s Grand Cru raises $2 for kids online game Supernauts. Investors: Rick Thompson, Idinvest Partners, Nicolas Beraud, Anil Hansjee, and Henric Suuronen.

83. Stray Boots — Stray Boots raises $2 million for gamified urban city tours. Investors: Correlation Ventures, Milestone Venture Partners, Great Oaks, and angels. Nov. 27.

84. Wemo Media — Wemo Media grabs $2 million for TheBlu animated ocean world. Investors: Not disclosed. Jan. 9.

85. Yodo1 — Yodo1 raises $2 million to distribute Western-made games in China. Investor: ChangYou Fund. June 28.

86. Corona Labs — Corona Labs raises $2 million to fund its cross-platform game development platform. Investors:  Merus Capital and Western Technology Investment. Nov. 13.

family village

87. PlaySpace — PlaySpace raises $1.9 million for Spanish and Portuguese social games. Investor: Faraday Ventures. Sept. 5.

88. ApsIndep — AppsIndep raises $1.8 million for online games. Investor: TMT Investments. Nov. 12.

89. Funium — Funium gets $1.8 million for Family Village heritage game. Investors: Family Odyssey and angel investors. Aug. 7.

90. Harebrained Schemes — Jordan Weisman’s Harebrained Schemes raises $1.8 million for Shadowrun Returns on Kickstarter. Investors: Kickstarter fans. April 29.

91. Eelusion — Berlin’s Eelusion raises $1.7 million to make Eevoo “geo-social game.” Investors: not disclosed. May 8.

92. Grantoo — Grantoo raises $1.7 million to help students pay tuition by playing social games. Investors: Angyal Capital, Olivier Douce, Olivier Legrain, Daniel Hechter, Jacques Berrebi and Pierre Lavail. Oct. 10.

93. Tequila Mobile — Poland’s Tequila Mobile raises $1.7 million to expand business of distributing games through mobile app stores. Investors: Not disclosed. Jan. 3.

94. Serious Paradoy — Serious Parody scores $1.6 million for mobile games such as Wrestling Manager. Investors: Scottish Enterprise and undisclosed investors. May 16.

95. Kamcord — Kamcord raises $1.5 million for mobile game recording. Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, Tencent, Marissa Mayer, and Alexis Ohanian. Dec. 19.

96. Kihon Games — Arizona’s Kihon Games raises $1.5 million for mobile games. Investors: Signia Venture Partners. July 3.

97. Playsino — Brock Pierce’s Playsino raises $1.5 million for social casino games. Investors: IDM Venture Capital, Pacific Capital Group, Siemer Ventures, Jordan Simons, Wicks Walker, Tomorrow Ventures, Jim Armstrong and Michael Huskins. April 20.

phoenix guild

98. Execution Labs — Starting an incubator focused on games, Execution Labs raises $1.4 million to fund and train game companies in Canada. Investors: BDC Venture Capital, Real Ventures, White Star Capital, Jimmy Foo, and Richard Wu. Nov. 8.

99. Ovelin — Finland’s Ovelin raises $1.4 million for interactive, gamified app on the iPad that teaches kids how to play a guitar. Investor: True Ventures. Feb. 8.

100. Le Groupe Interaction — Le Groupe Interaction gets $1.35 million for interactive games. Investors: NCI Gestion. Oct. 18.

101. Lookout Gaming — Lookout Gaming grabs $1.25 million for game monetization product. Investors: Atlas Venture and Nextview Ventures. Nov. 19.

102. Digit Games Studios — Digit Games Studios scoops up $1.25 million to establish indie game studio in Ireland. Investors: ACT, Delta, and Enterprise Ireland. June 27.