zombiu wii u bundle

I wanted to get a Wii U, but the cute and cuddly Nintendo Land bundle clashed with my style. I need something dead and decaying because I’m so macabre and mysterious.

Enter Nintendo’s newest Wii U bundle, which comes with a copy of Ubisoft’s first-person survival game ZombiU. This package debuts at retail on Feb. 17 for $389.99. It comes with the Deluxe Wii U, which is black and has 32GB of storage. The bundle also includes a Wii U Pro Controller and a ZombiU art book.

So while this bundle is about $40 more than the Deluxe Wii U set, it’s actually saving you around $70, according to Nintendo.

If you’re getting a Wii U and don’t plan on playing much multiplayer, this is definitely worth a look. ZombiU is one of the console’s better games, and it does a great job showing off the hardware’s unique capabilities. Check out our review.