Once again, we pay attention to our panel of game characters and get change in return!

Microtransactions! They’re not just for free Facebook games you annoy your friends with until they un-friend you anymore! Paying a buck or two here and there sustains most of the major online multiplayer franchises at this point, and now the top-tier console games are cashing in as well. You can pay more in both Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception and Dead Space 3 to skip ahead to the interesting weapons that other players earn through hard work and, y’know, actually playing the game.

But they’re only the tip of a very big wave. We could soon see every game include microtransactions on multiple levels, giving gamers the freedom to spend money whenever they like. What say you, panel of experts? Good thing? Bad thing? Thing?

Launch the gallery below to learn many things!