Disney Infinity: Mike, Sully, and Davy Jones in Toy Box mode

Midterms, late-night parties, and skipping classes are all part of the collegiate experience. But when you’re a pint-sized cyclops or a tall blue Sasquatch, things might be a little different.

During the annual American International Toy Fair that kicked off last weekend in New York City, Disney unveiled a few new images from its upcoming toy-powered sandbox game, Disney Infinity. It focuses on the world of Pixar’s Monsters University, the June film that serves as a prequel to Monsters, Inc, where goofball heroes Mike and Sulley are just wide-eyed freshmen.

Monsters University is only one of many “Play Sets” (physical figurines that unlock levels and characters from a specific movie) possible for Disney Infinity — at its reveal last month, developer Avalanche Software also showed one based on Pirates of the Caribbean. You can use pieces from these Play Sets in the Toy Box mode, a level editor where you can mix and match as many Disney properties as you want.

Just seeing Mr. Incredible flying a Recognizer brings a tear to my eye (and wallet).