Talisman PrologueSoon you’ll be able to toad* your Talisman-playing friends on your iPad or your Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Nomad Games, the fledgling studio behind Talisman Prologue and the upcoming multiplayer adaption of the long-lived fantasy board game from Games Workshop, has signed a deal with Thumbstar Games to bring Talisman to iOS and Android devices.

Talisman Prologue is now available for PCs. It’s a single-player adaptation of the board game — instead of fighting other players to see who finds the Talisman and reaches the Crown of Command first, Prologue offers a set of individual quests for each character from the basic Talisman game. Thumbstar will also publish the multiplayer version once Nomad releases it. Mouse clicks control rolling dice, drawing cards, and other actions, but on the mobile versions, a tap of your finger accomplishes all these tasks.

Neither company announced the release date in its release.

“Talisman is a great brand, and we are confident that Thumbstar is the right partner for us and Games Workshop,” Nomad Games’ Don Whiteford said in a statement.

Talisman Prologue and the upcoming multiplayer version use the art and rules from the 4th Edition of the board game, which came out in 2008 from Games Workshop. Fantasy Flight Games has since released subsequent expansions.

Image source: Jason Wilson/GamesBeat

* “Toad,” in this context, means using the feared Random spell to turn a player into a weak, slimy toad for three turns. Everyone must chant “Toad! Toad! Toad! Toad!” when rolling the die to see if they suffer this embarrassing fate.