Some things I’d rather not know. Like how much time I spend eating burritos each year. Let’s just keep that to ourselves, Chipotle.

On the other hand, I’m happy to learn more about my gaming habits.

Today, Raptr revealed its new personalized infographic tool, which provides data about its users’ gaming habits throughout 2012 in an easily digestible visual presentation. For example, I learned that I spent over 200 hours in various Call of Duty games. … OK, maybe I didn’t want to know that.

For the unfamiliar, Raptr is a social-networking website that tracks gamers as they play titles on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and other platforms. It shows players how much time they spent on specific games and how many achievements they’ve earned. They can also friend each other and compare stats.

Members can get their personalized summary by replacing “username” in the following URL with their Raptr handle:¬†

The infographic includes stats like the rarest Achievement/Trophy earned, hours played, and total games played.

To promote this new feature, Raptr is holding a contest that includes $400 in prizes. Gamers just need to tweet their stats from Raptr using the #RaptrRep hashtag.

If you want to see what the infographic looks like, here is mine:

JeffGrubb in 2012 Raptr