Call of Duty: Black Ops II revolution DLC Grind

Time heals all wounds. For example, it takes about 30 days to rub away the pain caused by the Xbox 360 getting the Call of Duty: Black Ops II downloadable content earlier than the PlayStation 3 and PC.

Today, Activision revealed that the Revolution map pack for Black Ops II debuts on PS3 and PC on Feb. 28. That’s almost exactly a month since the add-on hit the Xbox 360 on Jan. 29.

Revolution goes for $14.99 and includes four multiplayer maps, a multiplayer weapon, a Zombies map, and a fresh Zombies mode. Check out the video for more details:

The maps include new locations like a hydroelectric plant in Pakistan, a skate park in Venice Beach, a French ski resort, and a luxury resort in China’s Gobi Desert.

Revolution also breaks the mold by including a new gun called Peacekeeper. It’s the first time a new weapon is available as a piece of DLC in the history of Call of Duty.

Finally, the Zombies content gives players the chance to play as the undead in the new Turned mode. It also has the new Zombie map called¬†Die Rise. It’s set in a series of crumbling skyscrapers.

Revolution is the first of four planned expansions for Black Ops II. Each add-on pack costs $14.99, according to Activision, but fans can save some cash by buying them all at once in the Season Pass for $49.99.