The Internet is straining at its digital seams to contain all of the terrible people we would never want speaking to children, yet new technology makes it easier and easier for kids to interact with these unsavories.

Today, a San Francisco startup called Fingerprint Digital announced its new social-gaming platform for children, also called Fingerprint, which brings vast parental control and safety to kid’s games.

Fingerpring chatThe developer builds the platform into apps like The Flying Alphabetinis, which hit the Apple App Store today. It’s a Boggle-like title with Fingerprint’s suite of safety features.

“With so much mobile content available today, we recognized the need to create a go-to game play platform that parents trust and kids love,” Fingerprint chief executive officer Nancy MacIntyre said in a statement. “And today, we’ve enhanced the entire experience by adding multiplayer and safe social features tailored specifically for our young audience so that kids can connect, collaborate, or compete.”

Fingerprint provides families with a shared account. Parents can manage everything, but the developer leaves enough padding so that adults don’t have to stand over the shoulders of young gamers.

Kids can pick their own usernames from a list of preselected words. Names are funny and odd since they’re two ideas smashed together, like DinoBunny. This keeps everything anonymous and ensures that no one, except the parent on the family account, knows a player’s real name.

Kids can also safely play with random adults since players can only chat using canned, prescripted greetings and congratulations.

Fingerprint Digital plans to enable its platform on a plethora of other games including licensed titles like Scribble My VeggieTales Story, Step-by-Story: Caillou Adventures, and Franklin Talk and Playset.

The various games are all accessible through the platform and are free to try, so young players never need to leave the Fingerprint ecosystem.