The Last of Us

Good news, everybody. The apocalypse is now due to occur in June rather than May.

Well, at least the digital apocalypse in developer Naughty Dog’s latest game The Last of Us, which is now set to debut on June 14 worldwide on the PlayStation 3 (thanks to GameSpot for pointing it out). The studio originally planned to release the game on May 7, so this gives the production team an extra five weeks to polish up the highly anticipated survival game.

A Sony spokesperson provided GamesBeat with the following statement from Naughty Dog:

 As a team we pride ourselves on setting a very high quality bar for every aspect of our games – gameplay, story, art, design, technology and more. We want to make sure The Last of Us raises that bar even further – for ourselves, and most importantly, our fans.

As we entered the final phase of development for The Last of Us, we came to realize just how massive Joel and Ellie’s journey is. But instead of cutting corners or compromising our vision, we came to the tough decision that the game deserved a few extra weeks to ensure every detail of The Last of Us was up to Naughty Dog’s internal high standards.

Or as the game-development axiom goes: A delayed game can eventually be good. A bad game is bad forever.

The Last of Us takes place in the U.S. 20 years after a fungus kills millions of humans. Gamers must help hero Joel get a young woman named Ellie from one quarantine zone to another, and the regions in between are highly dangerous. It’s sure to be a lighthearted and joyous affair!