Playnomics has figured out how to predict which monetization or retention schemes work best with online and social-game players via its PlayRM service. And today it announced that it is now able to extend that service to mobile with the launch of its PlayRM Mobile platform.

playrm 2With this technology, mobile gamemakers will be able to target consumers with special offers when they are likely to stop playing a game, much like enterprises do via their customer relationship management software. In short, it’s tool that can help gamemakers design their apps and promotions so that companies can retain users and make more money.

In an interview with GamesBeat at the Casual Connect Europe show in Hamburg, Ian Atkinson (pictured right), the vice president of business development at Playnomics, said that early results from beta partners show a 150 percent increase in player retention during the first week of using the platform.

“We’ve spent the last few months adapting our algorithms to mobile and fine-tuning our engagement scores from the online version,” Atkinson said. “You can track engagement metrics for mobile users just as easily as with Facebook or web users.”

With PlayRM Mobile, customers can segment their audiences by different game behaviors and then target those players with custom in-game messages on an individual basis. Developers can also re-target people to bring back valuable players who have stopped playing. They can also cross-promote games to prequalified players.

“We’re trying to democratize the process for as many companies as possible,” Atkinson said.

While other analytics packages help explain why someone left the platform, Playnomics wants to help companies predict which players are toying with quitting a game.

Playnomics was founded in 2009 and was the winner of VentureBeat’s Who’s Got Game contest at GamesBeat 2010. Playnomics is used in dozens of brands and games with more than 35 million monthly active players.

Backers include FirstMark Capital, Accelerator Ventures, and TriplePoint Capital.