Mozilla has released a new build of its web browser that conforms to the design of a true Windows 8 app, a sign that a full release could be coming soon.

Microsoft’s newest OS uses two different kinds of apps — desktop apps (the ones we’ve been using forever) and new Windows 8-style (formerly “Metro”) apps. These Windows 8 apps take up the entire screen and emphasize a more minimal and touch-friendly interface. They’re sort of like using apps on an iPad or Android tablet, except Windows 8 apps work with a mouse and physical keyboard as well as touch.

Mozilla has been promising a Windows 8-style browser for a long while. It releases “nightly builds” of its Firefox browser so developers (and curious geeks) can test unfinished versions, so it has used one of its latest builds to add functionality of Windows 8. It’s given no indication when it will release the updated app officially just yet, but this is a good sign.

Google’s Chrome browser already has a Windows 8 counterpart, and it’s actually quite nice.

Via The Verge.