Luigi Face

Nintendo president Satoru Itawa took today’s Valentine’s Day edition of Nintendo Direct to announce a new Mario & Luigi role-playing game titled Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It’s in the style of past Mario & Luigi RPGs such as Partners in Time and Bowser’s Inside Story.

Luigi’s dreams will be the setting for this game, according to Iwata. The preview started with a close-up shot of a sleeping Luigi. The player touches the screen to guide a small floating character around Luigi’s face. “Let’s play a trick on him,” Iwata said. The in-game character flew around Luigi’s face, pulled his hat down, and then tickled his nose, causing him to sneeze.

Mario and Luigi_Dream Team_1

“As you may have guessed, this video is from a new installment of the Mario & Luigi series of role-playing games,” said Iwata. “As you saw in the video, the player must sometimes touch Luigi’s face as he sleeps to solve puzzles.”

“Of course, as with the previous games in the series, Mario will also be involved,” said Iwata. “Since it is only a dream, Luigi can be a powerful, great hero.”

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team will be available this summer. Iwata said there will be more details “soon.”
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