wii street u

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you foolishly spent all of your money on a fancy new video game console instead of a romantic getaway for your significant other. Now what? Well, Nintendo has your back with this week’s Wii U eShop update. But if you’d rather spend the day alone and hunched over a handheld, it has you covered for that as well.

First up is the Wii U, which is getting its own version of Google Street View today with the Wii Street U app. While it may seem like a straight port of the global satellite imaging service, the twist in this is that you’re able to use the GamePad to view full 360-degree panoramic views of whatever exciting destination you couldn’t afford to visit in real life.

Naruto: Powerful Shippuden

Meanwhile, the 3DS eShop won’t let you go on imaginary vacations, but you can download a demo of animé side-scroller Naruto: Powerful Shippuden and the full versions of Rabbids Travel in Time 3D (which ditches the former Rayman-vehicle’s minigame roots in favor of an action-focused platformer) and Petz Fantasy 3D (in which you dress up fantastical creatures and learn to love them as if they were real pets). Wrapping things up for the 3Ds is a port of the arcade classic Dig Dug, a title that upholds the classic gaming tradition of killing cute enemies in the most brutal way possible (this time by inflating them until they explode).

The only update for the DSi this week is Moke Moke, which, according to this YouTube video posted by the developers at G-Style, appears mildly Balloon Fight-esque in the way that it has wacky characters flapping their arms in order to fly around and grab things.

Finally, the lone update for the original Wii’s Virtual Console is World Heroes 2 Jet, the sequel to World Heroes 2 (which Nintendo added to the service early last month).