Lugis Mansion

Nintendo Co. Ltd. president Satoru Iwata opened the Feb. 14 edition of Nintendo Direct calling it the “Year of Luigi.” The Nintendo president appeared wearing a Luigi hat for the first half of the 37-minute broadcast. “Even though he has appeared in so many games, he is still timid,” said Iwata, referring to Luigi’s limited role in past Mario games. Nintendo then kicked off the presentation with details on Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon for Nintendo 3DS, and Iwata handed things off to Nintendo game designer and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto.

“Since we’ve made it, I’ve always wanted to see the game in 3D,” Miyamoto said. “You begin by exploring the mansion with just a lone flashlight to rely on.” As it progresses, you will pick up the Poltergust and use it much like in the previous Dark Mansion game. Miyamoto explained that the Poltergust is now used not only for sucking in ghosts but for solving puzzles as well.

Luigis Mansion

Miyamoto also mentioned new bulbs for the flashlight, such as the Strobe Bulb and the Dark Light. The Strobe Bulb stuns ghosts before you reel them in; Miyamoto likened it to fishing. The Dark light lets you see hidden objects (think black light) such as a gold-loving ghost dog’s footprints.

ghost dog

Dark Moon also has multiplayer modes. Four players can go at it co-op either locally or online, as they fight ghosts and ascend a tower called the “Scarescraper.” Players all play as different colored Luigis, aà la Link in Four Swords.

Other multiplayer modes are Climber Mode, Hunter Mode and Chaser Mode.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon launches March 24.

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