I remember the first time I ever met someone who had color blindness. I was young and wanted to know why another kid wasn’t calling a certain Lego piece “green.” It was an incredibly confusing moment and one that helped me start to understand that we all have distinct differences in how we experience things.

Perhaps if I had seen this new video from popular YouTube channel Vsauce that goes into detail on the subject of color, I may not have been so befuddled. Not only does the video explore how our minds perceive color, it also takes a turn into other aspects of our minds and how we experience everything differently.

Weirdly enough, there is still no way to know exactly if my red is the same as your red. Perhaps we will be able to see into each other’s minds in the future, but until then, we simply have to ask each other about our experiences and hope we make sense of it.

Check out the fascinating video above.