Extra Hearts: Luigi

Welcome to another edition of Extra Hearts, GamesBeat’s dating site made especially for video game characters. We’re celebrating the Year of Luigi by looking at the green-clad plumber’s profile. Will the famous brother find a special someone, or is he doomed to stay second best in all things, including love? Let’s find out.

Extra Hearts: Luigi profile

Likes: My bottom bunk (where I’m repeatedly told is where I belong). Silver medals. Clay Aiken.

Dislikes: Ghosts, darkness, and those third-party controllers I’m always stuck with when playing Mario Party.

Our first date: Whatever you’d like to do. I’d rather not make any decisions.

My best feature: I can jump slightly higher than Mario.

Most interesting thing about me: I went through a bizarre growth spurt in 1986.

You should message me if: You aren’t already in love with my brother.


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