PlayStation Vita

More than a year after introducing the PlayStation Vita, Sony will cut the price of both versions of its struggling handheld game system at the end of the month.

During the past year, Sony has sold about 4 million PlayStation Vitas on a worldwide basis. This rate appears sluggish when compared to sales of the Apple iPhone, which is selling at a rate of 48 million a quarter, and the iPad, which is selling 23 million a quarter. Sony is selling perhaps 10,000 units a week in Japan, but Nintendo’s 3DS, which has sold 29 million units, is beating Sony in the games segment.

Starting on Feb. 28, the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the Vita will both cost ¥19,980 ($215). The Wi-Fi model previously cost ¥25,000, and the 3G model previously cost ¥30,000. No price drops for Europe or North America were announced, but Sony has scheduled a press event on Feb. 20 in New York.