A picture might indeed be worth a thousand words as visual social networks Pinterest and Instagram continue to grow. But how do analytics change when photos say more than text?

Curalate released a visual analytics product today to answer that question — the first analytics solution to consolidate both Instagram and Pinterest reports in a single dashboard.

“Images drive emotions with an immediacy that no other medium offers,” Apu Gupta, Curalate’s CEO and co-founder said in a statement. “We’re helping brands see the bigger picture — to engage audiences across networks based on what’s most relevant rather than what’s most recent.”

Curalate’s solution will allow companies to see which images are most popular, merge customer conversations about their images on both visual social networks together, and create promotions for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook simultaneously. In addition, Curalate will help brands distinguish between engagement with content that fans have posted and content that the brands themselves have posted.

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Analytics for social media networks are superhot right now.

Offerpop just released a new Facebook analytics solution, as did ePrize, and Pinfluencer introduced a very sophisticated image-searching solution for Pinterest a week ago. Curalate’s solution also uses image recognition algorithms to identify shared images.

Curulate says that customers like HGTV, Nine West, and designer Michael Kors use the solution.