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At Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling in New York, Sucker Punch Production’s Nate Fox took the stage to bring everyone down for a moment with some information on how likely it is that you’re being monitored by the government. That, and to announce Infamous: Second Son.

Fox described a world in which the powerful members of society oppress the average citizens and what would happen if those average citizens suddenly developed superpowers. It sounds like an idea inspired by the recent populist movements like Occupy Wall Street or the Tea Party.

While little information is available now, Sony did present a trailer that showed a city under a lockdown and a militarized police force chasing someone into an alley. After the soldiers cornered him, the figure fired off some red flashes of light and destroyed the armored personnel carrier that was chasing him.

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At this point, it’s unclear if Second Son is a reboot of the Infamous series, a proper sequel, or simply a sidestory. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.