BlackBerry has lost the battle for the consumer heart of America.

The Mall of America announced today that its employees are ditching their BlackBerry phones in favor of the Nokia Lumia 920 because of the Lumia’s “tight integration with Microsoft services.”

With 11,000 year-round employees (and 13,000 during the holidays), Mall of America’s headcount is a drop in the bucket in the big scheme of things. But its move to Nokia holds the kind of symbolic weight that should horrify BlackBerry, which is quickly losing its status as the go-to device for businesses.

The news comes a week after Home Depot decided that BlackBerry wasn’t good enough for it either. The company is replacing 10,000 employee BlackBerrys with iPhones. Something tells me that a lot more companies will soon follow suit.

The trend is especially troubling for BlackBerry because it clearly shows the company is having a hard time hanging onto its business customers, which are essentially all it has left. With nonexistent consumer interest, BlackBerry is trying as hard as it can to hold onto the businessman.

The problem is, the businessman is eyeing the iPhone, not the BlackBerry Z10.

Photo: Flickr/Mark Gstohl