large_3893586483The Oscars are here, and guaranteed, some arty subtitled French film that no football-watching man has voluntarily watched will win one or three. But what if the Twitterati and Facebookers chose the winners?

According to digital ad firm RadiumOne, Twitter and Facebook users would select Hugh Jackman as best actor for Les Mis — shockingly, not Wolverine — and Jennifer Lawrence as Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.

Twitter users would pick teen vamp Twilight thriller Breaking Dawn Part 2 as Best Picture, with almost 1.3 million followers, but their second place would go to Paranormal Activity 4, with less than 10 percent as many followers at 117,192. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey would slot into number three position, with 86,389 followers.

Facebook users would also pick the Twilight movie as Best Picture.

The film received a massive 38 million likes, almost five times as many as first loser — and a much better movie, if I do say so myself — The Hunger Games. And Facebook would select TED, a movie about a teddy bear that comes to life, in third place.

(Perhaps there’s a good reason why social media doesn’t pick the Oscars.)

Here’s all the data in visual form:


photo credit: Dave_B_ via photopin cc