The Flixies

Streaming video service Netflix has launched a brand new site that allows you to vote on a new set of “best of” movies and TV shows, which bears a striking resemblance to the Academy Awards/Oscars.

Continuing its tradition of uncommon categories, this new set of Netflix awards — called The Flixies — allows you to pick the best guilty pleasure, best commute shortener, best marathon TV show, best hangover cure, best bromance, best PMS Drama, and (of course) best tantrum tamer. But unlike the Oscars, categories aren’t restricted to just movies, as there are plenty of TV shows included in the mix.

This is obviously a lighthearted way of getting people to think about movies and TV shows as an emotional response to a situation, rather than which show was the best produced — something that, lets face it, most of us don’t really care about as long as we’re entertained.

Anyone can participate in voting, not just the 33 million Netflix Streaming subscribers. The results of said vote will be revealed March 11 by the company, and will include the top three video selections in each category.

Additionally, Netflix is asking people to suggest new categories, either for the service itself or perhaps even the next iteration of “The Flixies.”