Exactly how big is the universe? You can’t just take out a telescope and easily figure it out, but thankfully popular YouTube channel Minute Physics has just released a new video about the size of space.

The key to thinking about the size of the universe is first to break it down into two categories: 1) The observable universe (which is what we can see from Earth), and 2) the whole universe (which includes everything that has ever existed and will exist).

“The observable universe is stupendously big, but the whole universe, as far as we can tell, is a lot bigger,” the narrator says in the video. “Space is most likely infinite or least it doesn’t have an edge.”

The observable universe, which we calculate from Earth, is now 93 billion light years across and getting bigger as more light reaches us. But in the whole universe, space very well may be infinite.

Check out the great video in full above.