When game designer Will Wright talks, people should listen. When people say that smart is sexy, they’re talking about Will Wright.

Today, publisher Electronic Arts gave him the chance to talk about the new SimCity, which is due out March 8 on PC. Wright created the original game, but he isn’t involved with the new one on a day-to-day level. He spoke with Stone Librande, the lead designer on the game, about what he thought and how he plays it.

Check out Wright’s full thoughts in the video below:

“This is probably the first time I’ve enjoyed SimCity in many years,” he said. “The fact that I’m removed from development and just playing it as a player has been a really amazing experience.”

Wright quickly went into the features he enjoys in the new game.

“I love the road tool,” he said. “I blew all my budget in my first couple cities just playing with the road tool and creating way too many roads.”

It’s interesting to listen to a creator talk about something that he originally invented but is no longer in charge of. Wright hasn’t designed a game since Spore: Galactic Adventures in 2009. In 2011, he produced a show called Bar Karma for cable network Current TV.