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Your Mac has a ton of useful capabilities – as well as hidden features. So don’t let those features go to waste. – especially when the ability to work faster on your Mac is there. The potential is right at your fingertips.

With this VB Store online course (featuring over 18 lectures and 1.5 hrs of content), you’ll be on the road to unparalleled Mac efficiency and effectiveness – and for just $29!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Desktop-centric philosophy
  • Window navigation training
  • How to master Finder
  • Ninja Chrome techniques
  • Super Evernote shortcuts
  • Key system-wide shortcuts
  • Super booster programs
  • …and much more!

With this course you’ll start to take advantage of your Mac’s hidden powers, and learn all of the instant OS X shortcuts to get more done in less time. And you’ve got one of the top trainers out there to help you on your way.

Your instructor is Tharyn Taylor. Taylor works at Mindvalley, the world’s most innovative digital media company. He’s worked in a special computer lab for his university where he trained hundreds of students how to use various desktop programs, like Word, Excel, Dreamweaver, iMovie, and much more – and he’s here to make sure you learn everything you need to know about your Mac.

So grab this VentureBeat offer for only $29 before it passes you by. Isn’t your time worth it?

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