jerry bruckheimer games

Jerry Bruckheimer Games has shut down, according to a report in GameSpot. And so disappears another collaboration between a Hollywood mogul and a video game team.

The studio was supposed to make games based on the creations of Jerry Bruckheimer (pictured right), a film and TV icon who made movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean. The representative for Jerry Bruckheimer Games said the studio, founded in 2007, is “no longer active.” And the studio web site now redirects to Bruckheimer’s film site.

The studio was once called a “game incubation studio” that would conceive games but not develop them in-house. But the studio never announced any projects. Founding presidents Jim Veevaert (pictured left) and Jay Cohen (pictured center) have also left. Veevaert is a general manager at Zynga. Cohen, who left last year, is the chairman of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.

Bruckheimer’s film roster includes titles such as National Treasure 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.