VB- Essentials Bundle

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The Mac has long been considered the computing device that is more intuitive than the rest – but even then it can be tough to get the most out of it on a regular basis. Thanks to our latest VB Store offer, we’re going to make that challenge a little less daunting.

We’ve brought together 9 apps that can take your productivity on the Mac to new heights…and we’re offering it at a fraction of the regular price. You can get The Mac Essentials Bundle for only $49.99 – that’s 84% off the price you’d pay for all of these extraordinary apps on their own.

Here’s what you’ll get in The Mac Essentials Bundle (regular price is in parentheses):

  • TechTool Pro 6 ($100.00): With TechTool Pro 6, everything is easily accessible from a single interface. One-click diagnostics will scan critical CPU, memory, video hardware and more to identify impending problems to help you prevent costly repairs. So while it’s easy-to-use, TechTool Pro provides comprehensive testing that also delivers for the Mac professional.
  • Path Finder 6 ($40.00): Get the app that John Siracusa calls “It’s a file browsing tour de force.” With a multitude of features on both the basic and advanced end, ranging from tabbed browsing and a dual-pane interface, to an ACL and Hex editor, Path Finder 6 has limitless ways to increase your productivity! While making file management easy and refined, Path Finder 6 allows you to interact with your files on your own terms.
  • TextExpander 4 ($35.00): This app is a must for anyone wanting to level up their productivity on the Mac. Whether it’s a simple email signature or several paragraphs of a standard response, you’ll love how easy it is to use TextExpander to avoid typing the same thing over and over. TextExpander saves your fingers and your keyboard, expanding custom keyboard shortcuts into frequently-used text and pictures.
  • MacHider ($10.00): You can put your Mac on lockdown so when you’re not around to protect it MacHider will make sure all of your documents and files are safe and sound. Its main algorithm makes sure all your personal data will be hidden in password-protected folders and stored in a safe place. That means you’ll never worry intruders accessing your private files ever again – thanks to MacHider.
  • Dropzone 2 ($10.00): Dropzone 2 has been called “The Swiss Army Knife of Productivity Apps” – and for good reason. Dropzone 2 lets you drag a file onto the menu item and your fully customizable grid of destinations flies smoothly out using core animation – simply place the file onto a destination and Dropzone 2 will take care of the rest, whether you’re installing an app, uploading a file to an FTP server or sharing your photos on Flickr. It’s a powerful app– and one worth having close at hand to keep you – and your Mac – moving.
  • AirServer ($15.00): Ever wished you could stream content from your iPhone right to your Mac? Now you can…thanks to AirServer. It allows you to receive AirPlay feeds, similar to an Apple TV, so you can stream content or Mirror your display from your iOS devices or Mountain Lion. AirServer now delivers full 1080p HD mirroring and is faster and more powerful than ever.
  • CameraBag 2 ($20.00): Redesigned from the ground up, CameraBag 2’s Analog Engine pairs a full suite of photographic tools with the high quality filters and vintage simulations Nevercenter is known for. Its key innovation is a stunningly straightforward approach to layering, rearranging, and endlessly tweaking all of these effects in realtime. The 100+ fully-adjustable filters and 25+ professional controls are only the beginning, forming the palette from which you can find, and create, your own styles.
  • MacPilot 5 ($20.00): Scared of the terminal or can’t be bothered to remember those commands to customize your system the way you want? MacPilot 5 is your digital saviour. Now you can easily enable and disable hidden features in Mac OS X, optimize and repair your system, and perform numerous routine maintenance operations with the click of a button!
  • IPNetMonitorX ($60.00): IPNetMonitorX combines an intuitive Macintosh user interface with deep Mac OS X knowledge to provide essential problem solving details from a single convenient application. If you’ve ever struggled with why some Internet feature isn’t working, or just want to explore and understand better, IPNetMonitorX is here to help. The built-in description for each tool clarifies underlying network concepts as it guides you to answer real world questions about how your internet is working.

We’ve got more information about all the apps in this bundle over at the VB Store page.

So what are you waiting for? For just $49.99 you can get this amazing deal from VentureBeat – so don’t delay. Time stops for no one – but the savings on these great apps will. Grab this deal before it is gone for good!

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