Humble Android Bundle

Pay what you want for a handful of games that work on PC, Linux, Mac, and Android is still hip.

The Humble Bundle is back with a new collection of games that include rhythm-shooter Beat Hazard Ultra, platformer Dynamite Jack, gravity puzzler Solar 2, and puzzle platformer NightSky HD. Gamers that contribute more than the average (currently at $5.93) also get Super Hexagon and Dungeon Defenders and all of its DLC.

The Humble Bundle with Android 5 runs for the next 14 days. The organizers often add other games later, but anyone who pays more than the average will automatically receive those bonus titles. In addition to the games, customers also get the soundtracks (in MP3 or FLAC format) for each of the included games.

As with all Humble Bundle initiatives, buyers can precisely customize who gets the money. You can send all, or a portion, of the money to the developers, Humble Bundle management, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation gamer-advocacy group and Child’s Play charity.