parent device control

While IT departments are freaking out about the new devices entering their offices, parents are having a very similar freak out when children bring home those shiny tablets and smartphones. Qustodio, which creates software to help parents keep an eye on their kids’ online behavior, raised $1 million in a seed round of funding today.

The round was led by W8 Ventures.

Spain-based Qustodio created the product, keep in mind that families have “more connected devices than the average small business did five years ago.” It prides itself on giving parents control over what apps can be used on those devices, how much time is spent on the device as well as set up rules around device usage.

Children may be unhappy to discover that Qustodio also lets parents watch what they’re doing specifically on Facebook and other social networking sites. Parents can monitor Facebook chats and searches as well as view browsing histories and which applications have been opened in a given session.

There is one dashboard that parents can use to control all of these devices, which may include tablets, smartphones, and home computers per child. It is currently only available on Windows and Android, but the company says it will soon release a version for Mac.

Qustodio is based in Barcelona and was founded in 2012.

Parent child devices image via Shutterstock