It’s clear that tablets are making a huge impact in businesses, but who’s taking advantage of them first?

According to Intuit, the makers maker of popular software like Quickbooks and Quicken, it’s mostly small businesses.

The company has compiled an infographic (below) that demonstrates the projected growth rate in tablet adoption across a variety of business sizes between 2011 and 2016.

We’re already seeing tablets (and mobile devices in general) take over formerly complex tasks for businesses, like acting as a cash register with Intuit’s GoPayment app or Square’s register app. Intuit also just released a revamped version of its Quickbooks Online app for the iPad, which makes it easy to juggle accounting tasks on the go.

Small companies between 10 and 100 employees led the pack with a 78.5 percent growth rate, while micro-companies (under 10 employees) are expected to grow their tablet adoption by 98 percent. Not surprisingly, most business owners are currently adopting the iPad.

It’s important to note that these figures are specifically around growth rates — when it comes to the actual volume of tablets adopted by businesses, larger firms will still be on top.

“We believe the rate of tablet adoption will increase fastest among businesses with 10 or fewer employees because application design is improving to simplify processes for individual business owners,” an Intuit representative said. “They are no longer just extensions of larger enterprise applications, so right now it’s easier than ever for the very smallest businesses to integrate tablets in an effective way.”

Small Businesses are adapting tablets quickly
via: Small Business and the iPad [Infographic]