mobile pay-per-click ads

Boy, as soon as a great technology starts to get really great, someone’s just gotta come along and gum up the works with ads.

Kidding! Who do you think pays the bills for the whole web of consumer Internet services? Unless you’re writing checks to Pinterest every month, you need online ads like a toddler needs vaccinations.

So we weren’t too surprised to read in our inbox today that Adcade, a New York-based startup, has raised $1.5 million in seed money to HTML5 mobile ads. ff Venture Capital led the round, with participation from Quotidian Ventures, BHV, Great Oaks VC, and assorted angels.

“It’s painfully clear that desktop ads don’t translate well to mobile devices,” said Adcade CEO Rob Cromer in a statement on the news. “We have built one of the most comprehensive HTML5 Canvas frameworks to date and, in turn, we believe our ad technology is leaps and bounds ahead of what is currently available in the market.”

Adcade was founded in 2012. Staffers of note include CTO Buzz Wiggins, formerly of Google, where he worked on innovation in digital advertising.

Image credit: SVLuma/Shutterstock