Here’s an obvious tip for big brands: Don’t let your iPhone app sit in the App Store for years without updates. Chipotle apparently didn’t get that memo, but today it finally updated its iPhone app to support the iPhone’s “Retina display” and iOS 6.

As first spotted by Chipotle enthusiast/Gizmodo reporter Sam Biddle, the app hadn’t been updated since 2009. Because of this, it has been nearly unusable for years, even though it is useful for people who want to order food before going to a store or who want to find nearby Chipotle locations.

The updated app includes the following features:

NEW: option to select brown rice
NEW: support for Spanish and French language
NEW: mobile ordering for Canada, UK, and Paris locations
NEW: pay with Gift Card option and Gift Card balance lookup
NEW: added links to Nutritional & Allergen Info under Food description
NEW: dynamic menu displaying specific items available by location
NEW: improved navigation

While it took forever and a half to update the app, there are still some things it doesn’t have. Chipotle fans complained that the app still does not have the ability to order from the kids menu and does not include the option to order quesadillas.

We asked Chipotle why the update took four years and if a kids menu and quesadilla update would happen sooner than 2017.

Chipotle Communications Director Chris Arnold would not tell us why the app update took so long, but he did say the company expects to add a kids menu option “in the coming months.”

Check out pictures of the new app below.

Chipotle food shot via Bobby Parsa/Flickr