Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was kind of a jerk, but sometimes that led to some really humorous interactions. Case in point: Sometimes he called up Disney CEO Robert Iger to tell him his movies weren’t any good.

Jobs would periodically give Iger a ring to say “Hey, Bob, I saw the movie you just released last night, and it sucked,” Iger told Bloomberg Businessweek in a substantial profile on how Disney scooped up Lucasfilm.

Jobs calling Iger to complain about Disney movies was a part of the business relationship for the two powerful CEOs. Jobs was the CEO of Pixar when Iger approached him with an offer for Disney to buy Pixar for $7.4 billion, which Jobs accepted.

Iger recalls the talks with Jobs over Pixar positively.

“Steve and I spent more time negotiating the social issues than we did the economic issues,” Iger said. “He thought maintaining the culture of Pixar was a major ingredient of their creative success. He was right.”

From that time until Jobs’ death in Oct. 2011, the two maintained a good rapport. Iger said that even with Jobs’ criticisms, having him as a friend and occasional mentor was “additive rather than the other way around.”

Steve Jobs photo via Matthew Yohe/Wikimedia Commons