Facebook has launched a new set of actions to help app developers and Facebook members post about things they are doing, such as reading books, watching a movie, or biking.

The move today follows Facebook’s announcement yesterday that it has revamped the News Feed with larger photos and a cleaner layout.

Actions were rolled out in January 2012 as a new way for apps, content, and brands to interact with Facebook’s Open Graph. The Open Graph already supports a variety of popular activities, but now the list gets a bit bigger with nine more common verbs.

“This improves developers’ capability to publish the types of activities that people want to share,” Facebook wrote today in a blog post.

Here are the new actions:

For fitness: run, walk, bike
For books: read, rate, quote, want to read
For movies and TV: rate, want to watch

Some examples of apps that will be using these actions include:

Fitness: Cyclemeter, Endomondo, Jawbone UP, Log Your Run, MapMyRun, Nike, Runkeeper, Runmeter, Runtastic, SPLIT Multisport GPS, Walkmeter
Books: Bookshout!, GoodReads, Kobo, BookScout
Movies and TV: Rotten Tomatoes, Hulu, Flixster, Fandango, Crackle