Motorola may be optimistic about its future, but it’s a future that a whole lot of employees won’t be a part of.

The company is laying off another 10 percent of its employees — roughly 1,200 people — in China, the U.S., and India, according to an email obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

The cuts come less than a year after Motorola’s August 2012 announcement that it was shaving its workforce by 4,000. That move, like the latest round of cuts, was in reaction to the clear reality that, while costs are up, Motorola’s sales aren’t. “It’s obviously very hard for the employees concerned, and we are committed to helping them through this difficult transition,” the company said about the cuts.

Difficult indeed. Since Google acquired Motorola in 2011, there hasn’t been much good news coming out of the company. In fact, the only significant benefit to Google owning Motorola (besides the patents, anyway) is that it gives Google a vital insurance policy against the Samsung Android monster that it created.

Besides that, Motorola has been quite the dubious investment — at least so far.

Photo: Ricardo Bilton/VentureBeat