The crowd outside the Austin Convention Center at SXSW 2013

Voting begins today in VentureBeat’s and Fandrop’s #WinSXSW contest.

Enter now — and tell all your friends to start sharing your entry — for a shot at fame, fortune, and a chance to pitch some top investors.

We’re proud to announce a new incentive for entering: Dan Scholnick of top-tier VC firm Trinity Ventures has agreed to take a look at the winning pitches. Scholnick has a robust portfolio, including New Relic, Aryaka, and Cloudscaling. If you win, we’ll make introductions and you take it from there.

(A score of other investors are offering their expertise to the #WinSXSW contest. Check the site for the details.)

We’ll highlight the winners on VentureBeat, of course as well as invite them to pitch us at our San Francisco or New York office.

And did we mention that there are over $100,000 in prizes?

Check out the #WinSXSW website to register and vote, and to find out where and when you can catch our video crew.

The rules are simple: Go to and sign up. Then look for the #WinSXSW video crew at SXSW (check the site for our schedule), or tweet at us using @WinSXSW and the hashtag #WinSXSW to set up a meet. Give our camera crew your 30-second pitch, and we’ll post it on the website.

That’s all you get: 30 seconds to make your case.

Then the fun begins. Get your friends to share your 30-second video pitch via Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest. Every share counts as a vote, as long as you do it through the #WinSXSW site. Whoever has the most votes on March 15 wins.

Good luck! And we’ll look for you at the show.

Photo: Dylan Tweney/VentureBeat