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You would think that the Call of Duty franchise makes enough money, but Activision is looking to squeeze a few more dollars out of its popular first-person shooter.

The publisher announced today that it will introduce new in-game purchases beginning Wednesday for Xbox 360. These microtransactions include Personalization Packs for 160 Microsoft Points ($2), which each include a distinct weapon camo, three targeting reticles, and a custom Calling Card. For example, the Bacon Personalization Pack gives players a camo that wraps each gun in, well, bacon.

Players that buy the Extra Slots Pack for 160 MS Points get 10 more custom classes, 20 extra spaces to archive emblems, 32 more slots for films, and 40 more slots for screenshots in Theater Mode.

Finally, for 80 MS Points ($1), players can purchase Flags of the World Calling Card Packs by region. Gamers who get one of these packs can use a flag as their identifier — just like you could in the last few Call of Duty games … for free.

None of these in-game purchases should affect gameplay, since everything is merely cosmetic.¬†Activision didn’t specify if or when this downloadable content will come to PlayStation 3, PC, or Wii U.

In addition to these new customization options, Activision will begin selling the Nuketown Zombies maps for 400 MS Points ($5) to players that didn’t preorder. Meanwhile, the Nuketown 2025 multiplayer map will finally go free for everybody.