Small business software giant Intuit has announced a partnership with LinkedIn to help small business owners make better hiring decisions.

The initiative, known as “Hire Smart,” kicks off with a free event featuring a host of speakers, including “Apprentice” winner Bill Rancic, Intuit CEO Brad Smith, and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner (Weiner also serves on Intuit’s board). HR specialists, lawyers and accountants will also be on hand at the event to answer any niggling questions.

Attendees will receive a discounted membership to LinkedIn’s First Hire package of talent-finding software and discounted job listings, as well as three free months of access to Intuit’s online payroll service. This all amounts to about $400 in discounted software.

According to Smith, the event is just the beginning of where the partnership could go. “This event is our initial foray,” he said by phone. “Then we’ll pull back to make decisions on offering similar programs and discounts.” It’s reminiscent of Microsoft’s BizSpark program, which offers free software and support to startups.

Smith said the companies are currently brainstorming other cost-effective ways to help solve problems for potential employers who are competing for talent with large franchises. He said they already have a “leg up,” as small businesses are the preferred employer. Currently, 19 million people in the U.S. work at a small company.

The inaugural event takes place on April 27 at Intuit’s Mountain View headquarters, and registration starts now.

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