Chrono Trigger Jay-Z

You know the old saying: If you put the Internet in a room for an infinite amount of time, it will eventually remix Jay-Z and Chrono Trigger music into a beautiful mashup album.

Apparently, we’ve already reached that point, reports The Verge.

Musician 2 Mello released a full 12-track record titled Chrono Jigga, which pits Jay-Z’s beats and rhymes against tunes from the Square Enix Super Nintendo-era role-playing game Chrono Trigger. Chrono Jigga is available now for free on 2 Mello’s website.

“This project started as a bit of a joke that I thought of when listening to the XV track, Be There, Be Square, in which he spits the line I sampled: ‘I’ve never seen Jigga play Chrono Trigger,'” 2 Mello told GamesBeat. “But then I mashed up Ignorant Shit and Wind Scene and realized: ‘my God … this actually works!'”

You can listen to the entire amazing album on the Bandcamp page before purchasing.

Check out the not-safe-for-work track Encore In Time below: