Update: It looks like I/O tickets have sold out in just 49 minutes, almost twice as long as it took last year. We’re checking with Google on whether or not Google Wallet payment processing technical issues may have gummed up the works for some unlucky would-be registrants.

Let me tell y’all something tonight: I got three tickets in 2013 that I care — I mean, really care — about: Beyonce’s summer tour, a drag queen presentation of groundbreaking drag documentary Paris Is Burning at the historic Castro Theatre, and Google I/O.

One of these things is not like the other, right?

But much like the drag-fest, Google I/O will be inspiring, high-energy, and highly anticipated by a niche audience of devoted enthusiasts. And much like the Beyonce show, it’ll sell out within a matter of minutes. Last year, it took less than a half hour.

Tomorrow morning (that’s Wednesday, March 13), Google I/O tickets will go on sale at 7 a.m. Pacific time.

Here’s the link where you can register and buy your Google I/O pass.

You will need:

  1. A Google+ account,
  2. A Google Wallet account,
  3. And $900 in Earth money ($300 if you’re part of the academic community).

Once you start the registration process, your ticket(s) will be held for five minutes while you complete the checkout process. For checkout, you must pay with Wallet.

If you’ve ever bought something with Google Play, you already have a Google Wallet account; just make sure you have up-to-date info for your mailing address and payment information. And if you have any doubts about whether your credit card fraud monitoring will throw a flag on a $900 nerd voucher, you will definitely want to call your credit card company now.

Aside from simply being on the registration page well before 7 a.m., Google offers these tips for would-be registrants:

We’ll take you to a waiting page while we try to find you a ticket. Expect to be on this page for up to six minutes. On this page, don’t refresh your browser or your ticket search will restart.
Please don’t open multiple tabs or use multiple browsers. Each time you open a new connection, your ticket search will restart.

Google I/O will take place May 15-17 in San Francisco.

File under “good to know”: People under 16 years of age may not attend. And new this year, Google is providing nearby child care for children ages six months to 12 years.

So, are you ready?