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Data nerds will benefit from the batch of updates to BigQuery, a web service that lets developers perform interactive analysis of massive datasets.

Google product manager Ju-kay Kwek announced the news on the company blog today and claimed the new features will give businesses “new ways to work effectively with large amounts of data.”

More specifically, the updates give developers a greater range of query and data types, more flexibility with table structure, and an improved toolset for collaborative analysis.

And Google’s new Big JOIN feature lets devs merge data from two large tables by a common key.

“Big JOIN simplifies data analysis that would otherwise require a data transformation step, by allowing users to specify JOIN operations using SQL,” a blog post addressed to technical users reads.

BigQuery makes it easier and cheaper for companies of all sizes to crunch big data sets. It’s a cloud service that lets users run SQL queries against enormous data-sets and get an answer in seconds, or designate a query as a batch query and let it complete in a matter of hours. In the past, it has been a more expensive process for IT than simply spinning up and uploading data to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) program.

BigQuery is Google’s answer to the “big data” trend. It also signals a renewed focus on large businesses; the enterprise division was formerly treated like a neglected sister.