LA Times hack

Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys was indicted for allegedly giving hackers access to the servers of his former employer, the Tribune Company. Tribune owns the Los Angeles Times, which the Anonymous hacker subsequently defaced.

According to the indictment, Keys allegedly chatted with an Anonymous hacker and offered credentials to log into the Tribune’s servers after the hacker explained that system administrators had caught and blocked him. Keys identified himself on the chat as AESCracked. After supplying the access, the hacker then defaced a feature story in the LA Times, changing the headline, the byline, and the sub-headline to include variations on the name “CHIPPY 1337.” He also edited a line to say, “House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer sees ‘very good things’ in the deal cut which will see uber skid Chippy 1337 take his rightful place, as head of the Senate, reluctant House Democrats told to SUCK IT UP.”

Today’s indictment is new, but allegations against Keys have been around for awhile. As Gizmodo pointed, Sabu, the reported “Anonymous leader” who worked with the FBI to take down a number of key figures in the loose organization, accused Keys of being involved in the hack two years ago.

He tweeted, “AESCracked/Matt Keys was former producer for Tribune sites. Gave full control of to hackers.”

According to the indictment, Keys could face up to 10 years in jail, three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine.

hat tip Politico; LA Times hack image