Throw Trucks

Admit it: You pretend to use the Force to open automatic sliding doors when you’re in public. I know I do. Now, developer Lat Ware is working on a game that allows players to move objects with just their thoughts.

Ware’s first-person telekinesis game Throw Trucks With Your Mind just ended its Kickstarter campaign with $43,000. That’s a smidge over its $40,000 goal. The developer is going to start working full-time to get the title out between this October and March 2014.

For the unaware, Throw Trucks uses an EEG reader to monitor a player’s level of focus and calm. Those brainwaves are then translated into controls that determine how hard and fast the in-game object goes flying. It’s a difficult concept to explain (you can read our in-depth preview here), but here’s a look at some of the mind-controlled action in motion:

Ware plans to use the funds to pay an artist and level designer to take the basic framework he has now and turn it into a final product. The designer will replace the current placeholder visuals with a more cartoon look. The sci-fi industrial characters will give way to hipster wizards and a super-intelligent cat in a mech suit.