Yo, developers, and a very happy Friday to you all. Here’s something to check out if you’ve got mobile apps on the market or in the works: AppGlu has launched today, and it says its a “mission control for mobile apps.”

Most interestingly, it allows you to turn the reins over to your business folks after the heavy lifting of actually building and launching an app has been completed.

Basically, it’s a central platform where your less technical team members can update your app’s content, push out the changes, track what your users are doing, and send out push notifications as needed.

This particular tool is all about maintaining control after you’ve already launched, and it will save you, the mobile developer with a heart of gold, ever so much time and back-and-forth frustrations with the rest of your team.

“If mobile applications are not actively managed and maintained after a launch, they can easily become stale and irrelevant,” said AppGlu CEO Adam Fingerman in a statement on today’s news. But we all know how quickly updating a bit of content or sending out a push-based marketing message can turn into an overwrought series of miscommunications between devs and biz side workers.

“AppGlu believes that for companies to have a successful app there needs to be a division of roles,” a rep wrote to us via email today. “Developers focus on developing the apps and getting them to launch, and after launch, business people take on the management and maintenance of the app.”

Now all you have to do is squash bugs, maintain servers, freak out in the middle of the night when a bot swarms you with requests — you know, the fun stuff.

AppGlu is based in San Francisco and was founded in early 2012 by the aforementioned Fingerman and Eric Shapiro, a programmer and serial entrepreneur.

Image credit: Piti Tan/Shutterstock