If you’re a sucker for cute dogs (i.e., if you have a pulse), you absolutely need to click your way over to Pack.

First, if you have a dog, it lets you make a gorgeous landing page for said dog. Example: My dog’s page. It’s got the full-bleed images and cute typography of a or, but instead of being about boring people stuff, it’s just cute dog stuff.

“This is stupid,” you’re saying to me. “Why does my dog need a… Look, my dog does not need a website. No dog needs a website.”

That was basically my reaction, too. Then I clicked on the arrow at the right side of the page, which led me to a freakin’ Internet goldmine: MORE DOGS.

Yes, the left/right navigation buttons from a dog’s page basically act as an infinite slider taking you to more cute dogs than you can handle.

Like a dog’s page? Click the “love” button at the bottom. In the market for a dog of your own? You can see each dog’s age, weight, and breed, all the better to help you make your decision.

Or is it Friday and are you sitting at your desk just waiting for the angel of death to take you away from the Dilbertian nightmare that your life has become? Screw it: It’s time to click through page after page of adorable dogs.

The whole service is the idea of Bay Area-based entrepreneur Megan Casey (her dog is Luna, and she previously founded Squidoo with Seth Godin).

And the design — arguably the best non-dog element of the whole thing — comes from John Henry Müller of What Cheer, an Omaha, NE-based design shop. Omaha is actually a hella cool spot, and What Cheer is a small firm we’ve been noticing over the past few years. When it comes to digital and real-world design, they do spectacular work that manages to be adorable and polished at the same time. Turns out, the entire What Cheer team, including dev John Hobbs and ops guy Alex P. Gates, has joined Pack, so expect more amazing design work from this startup.

But enough of our business jibber-jabber! We’ll keep an eye on Pack, as we’re sure they’re not just stopping with web pages for dogs. What’s next, we wonder — playdate organizing tools? Product recommendations? We’ll find out soon.

Go click on the dogs, and have a great weekend.