Extra Heats: Kerrigan

Anyone can find love on the Internet, even if you’re a psychotic, mass-murdering insect woman. Yup, this edition of Extra Hearts celebrates the release of the anticipated real-time strategy game expansion, StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, by showing off the profile of everyone’s favorite Ghost-turned-Zerg, Sarah Kerrigan. Let’s see if the Queen of Blades can find a little romance to balance her life of pain and destruction.

Extra Heats: Kerrigan -- Profile

Likes: Arthropodal lifeforms, genetic perfection, and stabbing people with these bad-ass tentacle/knife things on my back.

Dislikes: Humanity.

Also known as: The Queen of Blades. I know that sounds intimidating, but don’t let it scare you off.

Occupation: Leader of the Zerg. I’ve killed over eight billion people. Um, don’t let that scare you off either.

First date advice: You better not rush things. That’s my job.

Most interesting thing about me: My psionic powers give me the ability to read your mind. And, yes, they are real.

You should message me if: You’re not a creep. If you ooze creep, however, that is actually a plus.


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